Friday, March 16, 2007

Recipe Testers Needed

When I saw that headline on, I felt duty calling. It was my responsibility as an American to test these recipes – for my country and for my fellow countrymen. Well, maybe I’m over exaggerating a bit. After all, we’re talking about America’s Test Kitchen, not actually the old U S of A. But, still, this was an intriguing offer and so I signed up. And then I waited. And waited. I started to get paranoid that maybe I didn’t make the cut. Maybe they’d done their homework and found out some of my deep, dark culinary secrets. Or maybe I was just being impatient.

Finally! I received my call to duty – an email with my first test recipe: Apple Galette. The email arrives with links to the recipe, any additional instructions and to the survey itself. You can preview the questions that they will ask you when you view the recipe. They only gave me a week for my first assignment, but I completed my task. And not five days later – another recipe! This time it was Ricotta Gnocchi.

So what are the benefits? First off, this is a great way to force myself to cook different things that I may not normally try on my own. And, I feel like my feedback contributes to a better end product that will eventually be in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine or on the PBS television show America’s Test Kitchen. And it’s good clean fun.

I can’t post any of the recipes – they’re top secret until publication! But if you’re interested in becoming a Recipe Tester yourself, I can give you that information:

Recipe Testers Needed
If you’re interested in joining a select group who help test our recipes before they appear in print, let us know? Click here to register.

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Diana Kowalsky said...

Recipe tester? Sounds far to high-pressure for me, but that photo of your apple gallete looks delicious!