Sunday, June 3, 2007

Stick a fork in it – it’s done!

J.Noelle Cooks was my first foray into the wonderful world of blogging. Now that I’ve cut my chops on J.Noelle, I’m moving on to other things – or other blogs, that is. Instead of a general all-purpose cooking blog, I’ve launched three separate blogs that focus on different areas of cooking:

24 boxes
This June I will begin my second year as a CSA member of Angelic Organics and this blog will chronicle my journey through 24 boxes of vegetables. I would like this blog to be a reference and community for other Midwest CSA members to learn, swap recipes, exchange ideas and be inspired.

The format of this blog will most closely resemble the content of J.Noelle Cooks. Although it will not contain any recipes, I will have cookbook & restaurant reviews as well as information on events and classes related to cooking. You will probably see a few recycled J.Noelle posts, too.

The Gastrognomes
Silly and fun, this blog is technically not authored by J.Noelle, but by three brother gnomes – gastrognomes to be exact – who love to cook, drink and laugh. Things in the meadow move a little slower than we’re used to, so don’t be surprised if they only post every couple of weeks!

Thank you for your readership and I hope that you follow one or all three of the new blogs!


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